is a gnutella program.
is written in perl.
has a web interface.
is gnutritious and delicious.


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Example Search Form
Example Results

Command line options

-c filename
specify an alternate config file
-p port
specify an alternate TCP port
be verbose
debugging mode

The config file

is named "config" (use -c to override).
can contain the following:
server: servername:port
specify a gnutella server with which to connect. this parameter may appear multiple times.
share: file or directory
specify a file or directory of files to share. this parameter may appear multiple times.
speed: number
specify the speed of your connection. in kbps (a modem would be 56, a T1 would be 1500)
maxconn: number
specify the maximum number of incoming connections.
logfile: filename
specify a logfile. if not specified, no log will be kept.
may be stderr to send logs to standard error.
may be syslog to send logs to syslog.
may be syslog/facility to send logs to syslog at the indicated syslog facility.
deny: addr
specify an IP address to deny. it will not be permitted to connect, and search results from it will be thrown out.
The author swears by:
logfile: /tmp/lofgile
maxconn: 20
maxdnld: 20
speed:   28       # a modem
share:   /home/mp3

The Interface

is via your favorite web browser. other browsers may also work.

point the browser at something similar to http://localhost:6346/menu you will have several choices:

search for files
search the gnutella network for files matching your query
search for hosts
search the gnutella network for other servers
show current connections
list all active and "half active" connections along with some connections stats
show pending connections
show servers we are attempting to connect to
show various statistics