enabling graphing...

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at tcp4me.com
Mon Mar 1 12:37:39 EST 2004

| G'day all,
| I am trying to get graphing to work...after installing argus without GD 
| support...
| I have followed the advice given to a previous user with the same 
| problem but to no avail.
| (./COnfigure --upgrtade; restart argusd; restart apache)

or, more specifically, do:

	./Configure --upgrade
	# note: spelling counts
	# make sure it says 'including graphing support'
	make install

	argusctl shutdown
	# or rc.argusd stop
	# wait for argus to shutdown
	# or rc.argusd start

	# and if using mod_perl
	apachectl stop
	apachectl start
	# note: this is different than apachectl restart


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