Host name resolution problem

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Wed Mar 3 14:30:56 EST 2004

| >argus 3.2.1 uses the standard gethostbyname function to do lookups,
| >so I can't imagine what could be wrong.
|  None of the hostnames in the configs work.  
|  I am not a Perl programmer, but I do write quite a few Csh and Bourne shell
| scripts 
|  and they resolve names fine for my sysadm chores.  FreeBSD ships with perl
| 5.005 and
|  I use the perl port for 5.6.1_15.
|  Do you know of a way I could test if the all of the perl 5.6.1
| libaries/routines get set in
|  the path?

I can imagine what could be wrong.

you probably have Socket6 (a version more recent than 0.10)
	perl -MSocket6 -e 'print "yep\n"'

there is an incompatibility btwn argus 3.2.1 and newer
versions of Socket6.

	- upgrade argus
	- remove Socket6
	- delete the Socket6 line in argus's ''


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