Fresh argus install...graphs not working

Scott Hiemstra scott at
Sat Mar 27 16:05:53 EST 2004

I was hopeful is was something like that but no luck.  The other 2 "Self"
entries behave in the same manner.  Does gdata get populated during the
monitoring or on load of a graph?  From what I am reading in src it appears
to me it gets populated during testing but I may be mistaken.

Complete "self" config:
Group "Myself" {
        Service Self/idle {
            graph:  yes
            title:  Percent Idle
            calc:   ave-rate
            scale:  0.01
            # let someone know when it is time to upgrade h/w
            minvalue:  20
            messagedn: time to buy faster server

        Service Self/tested {
            graph:  yes
            title:  Monitoring Rate
            ylabel: tests per second
            calc:   ave-rate

        Service Prog {
            graph:          yes
            # how much memory is argus using?
            # your ps may be different
            command:        /usr/bin/ps -p $ARGUS_PID -o vsz |
/usr/bin/tail -1
            uname:          VSZ
            title:          Memory Use
            ylabel:         kBytes

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On Friday, March 26, 2004 10:22 PM, Scott Hiemstra wrote:
> picasso: ERROR 'Top:Myself:VSZ' is stubborn and refuses to open: No such
> file or directory

instead of hoping argus has ps and tail in your path, try statically setting
Service Prog {
  comand:  /usr/bin/ps -p $ARGUS_PID -o vsz | /usr/bin/tail -1
  uname:    VSZ
  title:   Memory Use
  ylabel:  kByes

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