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Andreas Micklei andreas.micklei at
Wed Mar 31 03:24:46 EST 2004


On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 07:39:31AM +1000, McKinnon, Joe wrote:
> Is it possible to add to the subject header the mailing list name?
> Reason being I like to keep these emails, and the easiest way is to
> have rule that looks for [ARGUSLIST] and throws the messages to a
> different folder.

This would be nice. I like to keep important mailing lists directly in
my inbox. Having [LISTNAME] in the subject line makes it easy to
visually distinguish between different lists. Most lists I am subscribed
to have such a suject prefix.

Btw.: I started using Argus a few weeks ago to monitor a small company
net. It works very well. Thanks for such a nice piece of software!

Andreas Micklei
IVISTAR Kommunikationssysteme AG
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