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Shawn Scott sscott at
Wed Aug 17 15:02:16 EDT 2005

Are you sending your notifications to a Microsoft Exchange Group by
chance? I had similar problems when I tried to do this however I got 7
identical emails each time something went down. I think this is a bug
because when I took the group out of the notify list and added
individual addresses it worked fine. 

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I've got my argus box up and it's working brilliantly.  The problem I'm
having right now is that if something goes down, I get 22 identical
emails telling me about it.  They're all sent within seconds of each
other and then I get no more emails after the 22.

I have:

 autoack: yes
 ackonup: yes

Already in the config file.  I haven't found any specific documentation
on how to address this.  Any help?


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