Notifications problem.

Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold friz at
Thu Jun 2 17:23:26 EDT 2005

Gonzalo Perez Brun wrote:

> I! I am using My own notification system, and I found something
> strange. When I declare this method, argus don´t read de
> configuration's next line.
>     Somebody knows whats is happening?
>     THANKS FOR ARGUS! Make my work easier.
> Gonzalo.
> Method "CorreoElectronico" {
>        # command: /bin/postie -host: -to:%R  -s:%M
> -msg:%O-%S-%T -from:monitoria-drago
>         command: /home/comunica/ %O %S %T{"%T
> %d/%m/%Y"} %R
>        }

Don't quote me, but I believe you need a send: line...    For your
example, it looks like you want this :

Method "CorreoElectronico" {
   command: /home/comunica/
   send: %O %S %T{"%T %d/%m/%Y"} %R

It also may be the brackets you use in the command ...  Try using []
instead of {}

And lastly..  Where is this defined?  I found when I first installed
Argus, if the Method was not defined before the first group, argus would
fail to start...

Hope that helps!

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