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Fri Jul 7 04:59:01 EDT 2006

Thank you both for your answers. They were really helpful.

I've got another question, though. Is there some easy way to graph the execution-time of a check? For instance, I would like to graph the response-time of our portal, is there some existing method to graph it?

/ Ulrik 

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> On 7/6/2006 6:38 AM, ulrik.mikaelsson at wrote:
> > A) Is it possible to configure Argus to not send alarms during the
>  > "sleeping hours" of the day? I understand it can be solved by a  > 
> custom notify-method, but is there some more generic way to handle  > 
> this, or an existing written method to filter this?
> Besides setting an override cron, I don't think so.
> Easiest way may be to have a cron that redirects your destination 
> mailbox to the bitbucket.  So if argus sends notifies to 
> argus_alert at, you could have a cron that just throws away 
> that mail during certain hours.

Even easier is to have cron set an override.  You can use something like the following.  It can be placed inside a service or a group.

        cron "0 13 * * 5" {
            func: override
            text: This server is overridden because there is no reason to check non-production boxes on evenings and weekends.  The current override is for the weekend.
            mode: manual
            expires: 219600
            quiet: no

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