Questions regarding overrides and Resolver (BUG?)

ulrik.mikaelsson at ulrik.mikaelsson at
Fri Jul 7 05:14:08 EDT 2006


Thank you for a great product.

We are trying to launch our argus-based monitoring services, but are having a couple of issues.

First of all, we've discovered something I can't call anything but a bug. We are using a general notify-method on our entire range of monitored services.

If we specify in the config-header
 notify: mail:someone at host
We simply don't get any notifications (and debugging aren't showing the value has been set), whilst if we specify it like
 notify: mail:someone at host
We will get the results fine.

Is there some explanation for this/patch to fix it?

Secondly, we have a problem with how overrides work. In our Top-node, we are using a mix of hosts and groups as children.
* If we override a host within a group, our top-view shows a couple of overridden tests immediately, even if the tests are not failed tests.
* However, if we override the entire group of hosts, we don't see anything in the main-view, and if one of the tests fails, it shows up as a downed service (not override).
* If we override a host that is directly specified in the Top-node, it won't show up as overridden, and if it's services fails, it shows up as down (not under override).
So, to summarize, the web-views of Argus seems to be a bit inconsistent in how an overridden host/group is interpreted, at least from my POV. Notifications behave like expected, though. Any explanation for this?

/ Ulrik

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