multiple emails [Was: Argus?]

Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold friz at
Sun May 21 14:43:26 EDT 2006

Jeff Weisberg wrote:
> your job as troubleshooter, is now to figure out what is
> different between your 2 boxes.
> if they are using the same argus config file, (not different)
> then you can rule that out.
> if your sendmail config different on the 2 boxes?
> what do you see in your sendmail logs?
> what do you see in your argus logs?

Another possible reason may be that there are multiple instance of Argus
running.  I had that problem here a few times and tracked it down to
having one copy running as root and another as a user..  Fixed that up
and poof, no more multiple emails.  :)

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