my config file is not working properly take a look!

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Wed May 24 15:04:25 EDT 2006

| some nodes are shown down when they re supposed to be up
| and if i type the same info in my config , it works:

I do not understand what this means.

you are doing something and it doesn't work, but you
are doing something else (?) it does work?

| if someone had a good script to generate the config file, you can
| e-mail it to me

I suggest that you create your config files by hand and get
everything working before trying anything more advanced.

| here is a sample of my config file

  >  service: Ping {
  >				    hostname:
  >				    messageup: Host: term01 IP:
  > %s
  >				    messagedn: Host: term01 IP:
  > %s
  >				    note: term01
  >				    }

this is not valid. you probably meant for the '%s' to be
on the same line as the messageup/messagedn.

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