Background image and sound not working

Erni Juniati ejuniati at
Wed Jan 3 12:11:24 EST 2007

Hi Gonzalo,
Thank you so much! This works.

Ms Erni

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Mr. Erni
    Here is how i change the argus "look like". Good luck!!!

Example in config file:
# First declare in the httpd.conf (apache config file) where de "decoration"
path is, and be carefull with de permissions of this files.
bkgimage:      /decoration/Logo.jpg
icon:             /decoration/smile.gif
icon_down:   /decoration/sad.gif
nospkr_icon  /decoration/animated_speaker.gif

Example whith CSS file:
#in config file
style_sheet:    /decoration/argus.css
#The css file example:
Hoja de Estilo por Gonzalo Perez Brun.
/* GROUPCHILD es el primer grupo a izquierda */
/* GRAPHS es el referente a la seccion de los gráficos */
*.GROUPCHILD a:hover, *.GRAPHS a:hover{
/*      color:  #FFFFFF; */
        background-color: #669966;
        text-decoration: blink;
/* Es el cuerpo de toda la página */
body {
        background-image: url(/decoration/Logo.jpg);
/* Es el marco de toda la página */
*.MAIN {
border: outset;

head {
/* Esta es la barra donde figura el usuario */
        background-color: #666666;
        font-weight: bolder;

/* --------------------------------------------------------
GROUPDATA es la seccion donde está el nombre y el estado del grupo
        donde estás situado (arriba a la izquierda) */
/*      text-transform:uppercase;
        font-size:medium; */

/* es la parte de estadísticas */
/* Estilo de bononera lateral izquierda */
border: 2px outset grey;
text-align: center;
font-variant: normal;
*.BUTTON a:hover{
    text-decoration: blink;

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>I realize you don't deal with web server problem but I have tried to put
>background image and sound in many possible ways but they are not working.
>Here is how I install it:
>config file and all other web files are is in /var/argus/
>arguscgi is in /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/
>I tried putting "imgs" folder in /var/argus/ as well as /usr/local/apache/,
>but both are not working.
>Other than that Argus has been great. Your help is greatly appreciated!
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>On 6/2/2006 9:45 AM, Allen Miller wrote:
> > I created the folders imgs and sound off root "/".  I have also created
> > these folders under /netmon/argus and changed the config file to point
> > directly to these files: bkgimage: /netmon/argus/imgs/argus.logo.gif  Of
> > course, I restart Argus after each config file change.  What am I
>We usually dont deal with web server problems, but your case seems
>simple. Without seeing your relevant apache config, I'll take a stab:
>your /imgs/ directory has to be at the same level as your /cgi-bin/
>in other words if you have your argus web server root as:
>   /web/argus/
>and you have your arguscgi in
>   /web/argus/cgi-bin/
>then your images should be in
>   /web/argus/imgs/
>and your sound shoud be in
>   /web/argus/sounds/
>Jeremy Kister
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