Encrypting DB passwords in the config

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Yes, I found this, but I also found what appears to be a bug.  If I 
restrict act_getconf for Top:a:b:c, then it properly restricts the config 
for Top:a:b:c, but it still allows viewing the config for Top:a:b, and the 
config includes the complete config for Top:a:b:c.  Is this behavior 

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Re: Encrypting DB passwords in the config

| Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears to me there is no way to encrypt
| database passwords or any other configuration data that is stored in the
| config?  This is particularly bad in that the password is also displayed 
| the config in the UI.  Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

you can prevent people from displaying the config using
the acl features.

in simple mode the displaying the config uses 'acl_root'
in advanced mode 'acl_getconf', and 'acl_about' for
the debugging page.

see also:

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