Sending Argus notifications via SNMP

Frithiof Jensen (AH/LMD) frithiof.jensen at
Mon Jun 11 04:43:19 EDT 2007

> Sending out notifications via SNMP which will be caught on 
> another machines SNMP traps.
>    Any ideas or suggestions on how to implement this?

The Net-SNMP tools have "snmptrap" and and "snmpinform" command-line
tools that are useful for hand-crafting traps:

Getting this to work is basically the "the same story" as when setting
up mails on services UP/DOWN (long time since I tinkered with it) ...
Except one needs to deal with proper OID e.t.c. for the Trap/Inform.
How to run scripts on events is certainly in the Argus docs somewhere.

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