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I can't offer anything about imaps or smtps but I ran into this with https on a version of Argus from several years ago.  I'm running dev-20111102 so I can't speak directly to dev-20120107.  Based on my internal notes it seems I had this issue when trying to use TCP/HTTPS, switching over to TCP/URL resolved the issue.  Also I have encountered problems between Argus and some of my IIS servers not negotiating SSL properly if I don't specify a browser string, I use "browser:        Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Argus)".  I believe this has been a distinct issue with IIS7 for me.

	Group "HTTPS Test" {
		Service TCP/HTTPS

Using TCP/URL:
	Group "URL Test" {
		Service TCP/URL {
			label: My secure test target

Others may offer more insight but hope this helps in the interim,

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Hi all,

I'm using the development version of Argus (argus-dev-20120107) to monitor about 30 machines. Most of it is working impressively well but I'm seeing the following errors in the log when any https, imaps or smtps tests are enabled:

[2012/08/19 17:21:23.1117] [11871] TCP/SSL set options failed: Operation now in progress
[2012/08/19 17:21:12.9232] [11871] TCP/SSL set options failed: Operation now in progress
[2012/08/19 17:20:34.2391] [11871] TCP/SSL set options failed: Illegal seek
[2012/08/19 17:20:18.4513] [11871] TCP/SSL set options failed: Illegal seek

I haven't been able to find any references from google or the docs, but suspect that something is hanging during the initial ssl cert negotiation. The operation in progress errors continue, but the illegal seeks stop when I disable imaps and smtps checking. Here is the output from the argus build:

found db type: DB_File
Socket6 not found - no IPv6 support for you found GD - including graphing support found DBI - including Database testing support found Net::SSLeay - including extended SSL testing support found Digest::HMAC found Digest::MD5 found Digest::SHA1 found Crypt::DES including SNMPv3 authentication support including SNMPv3 privacy support including DARP support

Any suggestions to get this resolved would be greatly appreciated.



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