Problem with Argus

Jeremy Kister argus-01 at
Wed Apr 7 16:56:47 EDT 2004

On Wed Apr 7 17:34:58 EDT 2004, Emilio Escobar wrote:
> Hi, I've had argus running for a while now. I had to make the lamest thing
> ever and was to reboot the box, now whenever I try to log into argus it
> doesn't give me a login error it sets the title to "Redirecting." so the
> authentication is no problem but it redirects me to the login page instead
> of the Top one

Do you have cookies disabled in your browser?  if so, enable them.

if not, try:
# rm /usr/local/argus/data/auth
# argusctl shutdown
   (wait for all argusd processes to stop)
# /etc/rc2.d/S99argusd start
   (or some such)

if neither fix your problem, give us a step-by-step detail of what is
1. you load up your browser
2. you enter
3. [...]

and either way, let us know the version of argus you're using.

Jeremy Kister

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