Problem with Argus

Jeremy Kister argus-01 at
Wed Apr 7 20:42:45 EDT 2004

On Wednesday, April 07, 2004 6:03 PM, Emilio Escobar wrote:
> Hey thanks for the reply... In my $datadir I have auth.dir and auth.pag,
> which one do I have to delete? I thought it was a cookie problem but it
> works on none of the computers here at the office..

neither.  I see that in default installs 'auth' is not in
/usr/local/argus/data/.  try /usr/local/argus/auth or /home/argus/auth.

actually, when you install newer versions of argus, it automatically removes
the old auth file, so i doubt that's the solution.

will have to wait for more opinions on this..

Jeremy Kister

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