Problems with login page.

Jose Escobar jescobar at
Mon Apr 12 15:28:57 EDT 2004

Following up on Emilio’s problem, the problem consists of the following.

I go to the login page, I type in the username ‘guest’ and as soon as it
tries to redirect it sends me back to the login page.

The URL is the following:
No password required.

The browser accepts cookies, and there is no errors or msgs on the webserver
error_log nor the argus log.

Argus was compiled with the following options:
--data_dir=/var/argus --lib_dir=/usr/local/lib/argus
--bin_dir=/usr/local/sbin --db_type=DB_File

Thank you in advance,

 Jose F. Escobar Machin
 IT Manager
 Ayustar Corporation
 Tel 787.440.3232
 Fax. 787.281.7888
 Email: jescobar at 

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