Argus running out of memory

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Tue Apr 27 10:31:55 EDT 2004

| I've been tracking down an Argus problem.  It seems as if every 20 minutes, the argusd chil
| d process dies and restarts.  A typical restart of the process takes 3-5 minutes so this is
|  of quite a concern to me.  I ran argusd with the -d option and aside from the normal notif
| ication and problem messages I got this just before the process decided to die :
| Out of memory!

| I'm a bit perplexed as to why argus is using so much memory.  The system is installed with 
| half a gig of memory and really doesn't have much installed on it. Anyone ever encounter th
| is before? 

use a less buggy version of perl.


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