Rwhois testing

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Tue Apr 27 15:55:41 EDT 2004

| for rwhois testing, I've been using the method i suggested (in the
| archives).
| Recently, i became aware that under corrupt conditions, the rwhois server
| will display it's banner, but fail to produce any results when quering for
| an ip.  I altered the method to readhow => "toeof", and i changed my config
| to:
| Service TCP/Rwhois {
|     hostname:
|     send:\r\n
|     expect: %ok
| }
| this seems to be working well; my question is: how can i merge these two
| together ?
| i.e. when my config reads:
| Service TCP/Rwhois {
|     hostname:
| }
| Argus shows the object down ...because TCP timeout: expecting
| tcp::rbuffer clearly has the banner -- can i do something in the Rwhois
| method to make the socket close while not impacting my new functionality?

I'm not sure I understand.

sometimes you want to connect and read the banner, other times you
want to send something and read until eof?

put the correct 'readhow: banner' or 'readhow: eof' in your config.

    Service TCP/Rwhois {
   	readhow:  banner


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