Prog return levels

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Wed Jan 7 12:30:59 EST 2004

| Is there a way for argus to be configured to automatically override
| something, if for instance, a Prog service returns a status of 2.

no, but...

| Reason, we are doing a number of tests on databases, and we'd love to
| automatically override paging, if for example the database was down.  That
| way we get paged for the database being down, but don't get multiple extra
| pages as to other db check failures.
| I'd be nice to be able to do the something the same for the built-in tests.
| Yep nice to know the box is down, but don't really need to be told that
| every service tested is also down.

you could configure a group for the server and put the notify
on the goup instead of each service:

	Host "" {

		sendnotify:	yes

		Service TCP/SMTP {
			sendnotify:	no
		Service Ping {
			sendnotify:	no

		# ...

or, you could use depends:

	Host "" {

		Service Ping

		Service TC/SMTP {
			retries:	4

		# ...

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