Problems accessing arguscgi

Neil Campbell s9902088 at
Thu Jan 8 18:43:47 EST 2004


I'm in the proccess of setting up Argus on a system and am having a problem that
I was wondering if anyone could help with.

Argus is running fine (log file says "Argus running", and I've received some
notifications for an issue I already know about).

I've setup a SunONE web server and have a basic HelloWorld perl script running
no problems in the cgi-bin directory.

However, when I access: http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/arguscgi I get "Server
Error".  Checking the web server log file I get the following message:

"[08/Jan/2004:16:32:46] failure ( 2229): for host trying to GET
/cgi-bin/argus, cgi_scan_headers reports: HTTP4044: the CGI program
/opt/SUNWwbsvr/cgi-bin/argus did not produce a valid header (program terminated
without a valid CGI header. Check for core dump or other abnormal termination)"

Running arguscgi from the command line I get:

bash-2.05# perl argus
Status: 302 Moved
location: http://localhost/argus?func=login


and so all seems to be acting as expected.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks,
Neil Campbell


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