Argus feature request: CIFS

McKinnon, Joe Joe.McKinnon at
Fri Jan 9 19:34:37 EST 2004

Hi Jeff,

I had one of our local wizards get an interface working using this
module......the code is below.

some-server-share - the netbios name of the server
some-share		- one of the public available shares
domain_user/password		- If you are using Samba which relies on
windows for user auth. then you need a valid network/domain user


use strict;

use Filesys::SmbClientParser;

my ($host, $share, $username, $password) = ("some-server-name",
"some-share", "domain_user", 'password');

# forward slash any domain / user name seperators
if (samba_share_up($host, $share, $username, $password)){
  print "$share on $host is up\n";
  print "$share on $host is unavailable\n";

############### subs ################

sub samba_share_up{
  my ($host, $share, $username, $pass) = @_;

  my $sclient = new Filesys::SmbClientParser(undef, (
                             user     => $username,
                             password => $pass,
                             host     => $host,
                             share    => $share,

  return ($sclient && $sclient->pwd);

Also, I've been using 
/usr/local/samba/bin/smbclient -L overseer -N
Which gives you
Anonymous login successful
Domain=[RACQ] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.2.8]

       Sharename      Type      Comment
       ---------      ----      -------
       KBATESTING     Disk      KB web system
       IPC$           IPC       IPC Service (overseer  - Overseer)
       ADMIN$         Disk      IPC Service (overseer  - Overseer)

       Server               Comment
       ---------            -------
       OVERSEER             overseer  - Overseer

       Workgroup            Master
       ---------            -------
       RACQ                 ID012328

Either of which seem to work nicely for testing samba.

Cheers Joe

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| Maybe this Perl module might be of assistance as well?
| Unfortunately, this also requires smbclient (Samba) be installed
| Filesys::SmbClientParser

presumably, this 'smbclient' could be run as a 'Service Prog'

but I have no windows boxes, and no samba, and cannot try...


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