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McKinnon, Joe Joe.McKinnon at
Tue Jan 13 20:49:00 EST 2004


I'm using dev-20031215 and it appears that it has issues with message up and
message down.

As an example, the following is embedded in a much large group of items.
However whenever either 'Prog' test goes down/up we still get the down/up
emails.  I was under the impression that Argus works with the idea that if
you have enabled/disabled an option in the config file that it flows through
the configuration for all items in the same group.  Therefore I was
expecting to not see up and down messages.  Note it appears that the
'retries' option does work as I expected.

Host "AIC" { 
	Service Prog { 
		command: /opt/racqbin/Admin_Monitor/
		expect: 0
		label: ALERT
	Service Prog { 
		command: /opt/racqbin/Admin_Monitor/
		expect: 0
		label: JOBS

Therefore what is the correct behaviour of the settings in the config files.

Cheers Joe

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