new arguscgi errorness

Jeremy Kister argus-01 at
Mon Jan 26 14:18:00 EST 2004

I have one window dedicated to watching the Top page of Argus (dev-20040115)
that should be refreshing every 90 seconds, 24/7.

I've recently been experiencing an odd phoenomenon: when I check my web
browser in the morning (that's "afternoon" for most folks), that has had
arguscgi in it all night, i see an Error message:
ERROR     Unable to access Top
404 Param Not Found

the [slightly hostname-obfuscated] url that is displayed in my browser is:;func=page;top=1

a simple 'refresh' loads up the Top page.  I do not know exactly when this
started, but I do believe it was before the dev-20040115 upgrade.

this happens to others in my organization, as well as my home machine -- I
don't beleive it is due to a PEBKAK.

ancillary info includes that i'm now upgrading to dev-20040120.  any ideas?

Jeremy Kister

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