[feature request] Override Notification

Jeremy Kister argus-01 at jeremykister.com
Fri Jan 30 16:44:09 EST 2004

On Friday, January 30, 2004 10:32 AM, Jeff Weisberg wrote:
> | It'd be nice to have a config key that would make argus notify me when
> | someone puts an object in override.
> but the whole point of an override is to prevent getting notified.

it's all about choices these days :)  I certainly agree that i wouldnt want
my cell phone going nuts at 4am because someone put something in override -- 
that would be just as bad as getting the status change notification -- but
sending an email that my MUA filters into my 'interesting things to see'
folder so that i can take a look in the morning would be a good option.

> and, you can add code that runs when an override is installed
> by defining an 'override_policy' method and loading it with a
> load_modules: my_custom_code.pl
> grep the source for 'override_policy', for details.

sounds easy enough.  that's the way i'll go for now :)


Jeremy Kister

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