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Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold friz at
Wed Jun 23 08:31:18 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 20:13, Jared Crapo wrote:
> I have recently installed argus, and have been quite pleased with the
> results.  Today I tried to get graphing to work, and I have had no
> luck.  I am using the simple config file found on
>  I get empty boxes when I look at the
> web pages.  I have files in $datadir/gcache, but they all are empty, ie
> length of 0.  There are no files in $datadir/gdata, which I suspect is
> the problem.  I looked through the mailing list archives, and couldn't
> find anything that helped me solve this problem, so I'm posting here in
> the hope that someone can help.

Let it run for a few minutes...  There may not be enough data to display
anything yet...

> $ argusctl status
> ARGUS/2.0 200 OK
> status:   running
> version:  3.3
> perlver:  5.8.3
> osinfo:   Linux 2.4.25-2mdk i686
> objects:  5
> services: 3
> notifies: 0
> uptime:   0:07:23
> idle:     99.84% 99.65% 0.00%
> monrate:  0.04 0.05 0.00 per second

7 Minutes uptime is most likely not enough time to have sufficient data
to show anything in the graph..

> The $datadir/log file doesn't show any errors, just stuff about parents
> and children getting SIGTERM'ed and argus restarting.  I have shut down
> argus and web server (apache) and started them up again.

The sigterms are normal..  They happen when the config changes..

> Can somebody point me in the right direction to try and get this working
> right?

What does the config look like for your graphing?

> J

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