second argusd (child) keeps restarting

Sebastian.Kayser at Sebastian.Kayser at
Tue Jun 29 07:41:52 EDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-06-29 at 12:59:46, Robert Sander wrote:

> I just upgraded from Argus 3.2.1 to current stable 3.3 and now the
> argusd child (which doe sall the work) keeps restarting every minute.
> Apart from
> [2004/6/29 12:56:18] [24715] successful restart - Argus running
> [2004/6/29 12:57:12] [24792] successful restart - Argus running
> [2004/6/29 12:58:12] [24799] successful restart - Argus running
> There is nothing in the logfile.

I just stumbled across this, too. Seems as if Argus 3.3 depends on 
Net::SSLeay v1.25 when testing HTTPS services. Updating from Net::SSLeay 
v1.08 to Net::SSLeay v1.25 worked for me.

This is naturally only valid, if you are testing HTTPS services. The above 
log file entries would indicate a HTTPS service test at 60 seconds 

> Is this a known problem?

This was already reported. Have a look at the arguslist archives:


Sebastian Kayser

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