How do I get more descriptive message in the subject line

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Wed Jun 30 13:30:46 EDT 2004

| I'm a tad confused...
| The message{up,dn} fields are put within the object configuration and
| are for the message body, or subject?

the message* field becomes %M in your Method definition.

your Method definition uses %M however and wherever you want.

| And the send field in the Method object, is that the subject or body?

argus knows nothing about "subjects" and "bodies".

argus runs the command you specify (command) and gives it
what you specify (send) over stdin.

how (or if) that becomes subject or body depends on
the command and your config.

the default builtin methods look like:

	Method "mail" {
		command:	sendmail -t
		send:		To: %R\nFrom:%F\nSubject: Argus %E\n\n%M\n

	Method "qpage" {
		command:	qpage %R
		send:		%M%E


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