Server Monitoring

Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold friz at
Thu Oct 14 23:27:05 EDT 2004

Jeff Weisberg wrote:

>alternatively, if you look in the argus src directory, there is a
>'' that you can run from inetd on all of your servers
>(you will probably need to modify it to work on your system).
Perfect..  This will handle exactly what I need..  :)  At least until I 
can get SNMP working properly..  :)

>you can then copy the '' file into your $libdir
>(modifications may be needed), restart argus. adjust your config file
>to use it:
So I can create new tests simply by creating a .pm file, eh?  I'll have 
to look into this..  May have a use for it....  :)

>	--jeff
Thanks for the info!

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