select failed: Bad file number

Jeremy Kister argus-01 at
Sun Apr 3 04:30:21 EDT 2005

Argus told me one of my HTTP services had failed.

I logged into the box, acked the page, and did argusctl checknow

argusctl was just sitting there, not responding
I refreshed the web-page, and it eventually said that it couldnt connect
to the server.

i watched the log, and as fast as the tty could print it to me (26,635
entries in 76 seconds), i saw:
[2005/4/3 4:09:43] [17637] select failed: Bad file number

since argusctl wasnt responding, i kill -9'd the master argusd.

after everything reloaded, all seemed fine.

i re-issued the checknow, and it worked fine.

no idea if the checknow had anything to do with anything -- just FYI.

if there's extra info i can provide, let me know.


Jeremy Kister

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