Questions - Features

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Wed Apr 6 21:00:53 EDT 2005

| For my part, what I meant was, that it would be nice to have a yellow 
| colour for visualisation of alerts which are considered warnings. This 
| way administrators know that they have to look at it, but not 
| necessarely urgently.

to some extent, you can control that with the 'severity' setting.

| You get an alert. The services goes red on the web interface. An alert 
| goes to a sys admin. The admin looks at the issue, acknowledges that he 
| is working on it. Great.
| What is very useful is having a visual way of representing that, there 
| is an alert, but someone is looking at it. This could be a check mark, etc.

in argus, the first admin would click the 'override' button on the
web page and enter a brief note (and possibly a ticket number).
it will then show up on the web page as gray in the override column.


| Maybe argus already has all this and I should just go try all the 
| features and be done with it! :-)

go play!


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