Remote Console Connection Problems

Hill, Martin (HQ) Martin.Hill at
Wed Oct 5 03:21:27 EDT 2005

Hi Jeremy

I have synched the clocks (they were out), and tried again with the
following results :- 

1. With IE 6 + all latest SP's and HP's I cannot get - in same problem
(unfortunately it is the default for our network) 
2. With a non MS browser (opera) everything works correctly?!?!


As the system works with Opera, I have surmised that either the temp
Inet file cache or the cookie cache is corrupt, so I have wiped them
down and IE now works!!! - Problem solved

I think that a combination of time synch and corrupt cache was the issue

Many thanks for your help


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On 10/3/2005 11:24 AM, Hill, Martin (HQ) wrote:
> However when using a remote browser I cannot log into Argus, I get
> for the user/ pass at the argus login page then it just sends me
> straight back to the user/pass page again for re authentication!!

is your browser accepting cookies?  is your server's clock synchronized 
with your workstation's clock ?

After checking those two, you can send me your arguscgi URL along with a

working username and password; I'll try to help.

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Your "disclaimer" was longer than your entire meaningful message -- 
such behavior is considered rude when posting on public mailing lists. 
I can send you a gmail invite so that you can post prettier messages, if

you need one.


Jeremy Kister

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