User permissions

Andy derfley at
Thu Apr 19 04:40:06 EDT 2007

I'm working on restricting access for certain users to certain groups. So
far this is all going fine, however I want to stop certain groups been
displayed at all (rather than just not having access to them).

Something like this;

User logged in as "admin" can see displayed in his web browser;



User logged in as "user1" would see the following in his web browser



The problem I'm having is stopping the groups been displayed to users that
have no access to them, adding "ac_page: -user1" removes the ability to
browse to the group but they can still see a overview of it. As I need a
user to have access  to multiple groups starting them at "Top"  seems to
make sense?

And since this installation is currently monitoring over 1500 items I'm
loathed to re-write the entire config  if at all possible.

Currently using Argus v3.4

sample of users file and config file below

admin          <pass>   Top     root
user1          <pass>   Top     user1
user2          <pass>   Top     user2


        acl_mode:       extended
        acl_override:   root
        acl_getconf:    root
        acl_user:       root user1
        acl_page:       root user1
        acl_logfile:    root user1
        acl_ntfyack:    root user1
        acl_ntfyackall: root user1
        acl_ntfydetail: root user1
        acl_ntfylist:   root user1
        acl_annotate:   root user1

  Group "Argus" {
        acl_annotate:   -user1
        graph: yes
        Service Self/idle {
            title:  Percent Idle
            calc:   ave-rate
            scale:  0.01
            # let someone know when it is time to upgrade h/w
            minvalue:  20
            messagedn: time to buy faster server

Group   "firewall" {
        acl_page: -user1

Group   "network1" {
        acl_page: -user1

Group   "network2" {


Group   "network3" {


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