Problems with Access Lists

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Tue Feb 20 15:28:59 EST 2007

| Using version 3.4 this config almost works;
| (Users file needs an extra entry for the cust2 entry to be valid!)

I do not understand. what do mean by 'needs an extra entry to be valid'?
are you getting an error message somewhere?
valid how?

| i.e.user argus can get to everything,
| user cust1 can just look at the data for cust1

is this not what you expected?

| user cust2 can look and has the buttons for notifys, but gives a 
| permissions error when trying to access the notifylists

the notify-list, un-acked notify-list, and error-log are
top-level system-wide lists, they are not per object. so
the per-object acl is not used.

but, in your config, you can say:
	shownotiflist:	yes

and a list of notifications will be listed on each page
for that particular object.

| Using version Dev-20070218 subtle differences
| user cust1 gets a permissions error when trying to look at its top page 

previously, you could not mix and match between the simple-mode and
extended-mode acl parameters. the current dev code lets you mix and
match, but a) it hasn't been well tested yet, so there may still be
some glitches and b) I've changed my mind at least twice recently on
what exactly happens when mixing and matching. 

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