PROG pipe failed: Illegal seek

Matt.A.Cleveland at Matt.A.Cleveland at
Tue Mar 6 16:53:48 EST 2007

Our environment is beginning to have a somewhat large Argus config, and
experiencing some stability problems.  Here is our current output from
"argusctl status."

ARGUS/2.0 200 OK
status:    running
version:   3.4_RC-20050419
perlver:   5.8.6
osinfo:    SunOS 5.9 sun4u
objects:   4110
services:  2968
notifies:  1454
uptime:    1d 3:55:26
idle:      61.84% 62.59% 64.15%
monrate:   8.96 8.95 8.89 per second

Lately I am finding that I have a hard time with reloads of the config, or
with starting and stopping Argus.  The first symptom I see is one of the
following two cases in the log file.

[2007/3/3 18:20:03] [18250] successful restart - Argus running
[2007/3/3 18:20:24] [18250] GRAPH pipe failed: Illegal seek
[2007/3/3 18:20:24] [18250] GRAPH pipe failed: Illegal seek

[2007/3/5 9:45:50] [28621] successful restart - Argus running
[2007/3/5 9:45:58] [28621] PROG pipe failed: Illegal seek

In the first case Argus appears to continue running normally after the
error and I don't perceive any ongoing problems.  But in the second case,
Argus either hangs completely, or spawns a new child process, in which case
I end up with 3 (or more) argusd processes running.  In a hup scenario,
this behavior is almost guaranteed, so I have started using stop/start
instead of hup.  It happens almost exclusively at startup and if it
survives the first 30 seconds after startup, it will continue to be fine
until the next restart, though I have had 1 or 2 similar failures during
normal operation.

Does anyone have any clues about where to start looking for the source or
remediation of this problem?

I've looked at the code, and only find 3 instances of this message:
lib/        my $m = "pipe failed: $!";
lib/   my $m = "pipe failed: $!";
lib/    my $m = "pipe failed: $!"; seems to be the culprit, but I don't understand what would cause a
pipe to fail regularly like this.  We do use Prog a lot for customized

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