controlling service schedule

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Wed Mar 7 20:15:03 EST 2007

| Does anyone know of a hack or other mechanism I can use to control exactly
| when a service runs?  I have a couple of costly tests that I would like to
| run only during the night, and preferably on a specific schedule.  I know
| how to use cron to override on a schedule, but this doesn't prevent
| execution.  I have considered doing a check-now via a cron, but in order
| for this to work I would need to prevent the service from running on any
| schedule.  Is this possible?  Any other ideas?

there isn't any way to exactly control argus's scheduling, but using
argusctl (et al) you can adjust the parameter 'srvc::disabled'. if
it is set, the tests will be skipped.

I imagine you could toggle it on and off via cron to get
close to the effect you want.

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