Argus at 1 Month

J-Michael Roberts jmroberts at
Thu Mar 8 09:05:42 EST 2007

I've had Argus running for 56 days straight - no problems, no worries,
and it lets me get a good night's sleep without worry.

As for my wishlist - I'd like to see an add-on that allows for
configuring from the interface.  Sure, I can SSH into the box and make
my changes - but being able to do it right in the interface where I'm
looking at the systems in question would be a nice bonus.


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I thought I would give some impressions of Argus after it having run 
for one month on a system, with no problems.

Good things:
-stable as all get out!  I have had it running for a month, RAM usage 
has not grown, it keeps on running and running.

-simple to use

-relatively simple to configure (but see below)

Areas for Improvement:
-would like to understand graphing better
-would like to see more real-world examples
-would like better explanation of SNMP and how to determine the right 
variables to ask for

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