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Ok, I think I have a solution as explained below.  However I think this
discussion points to 2 features that would be reasonable and useful.  First
I think the disabled property should be exposed to be set by the config
file.  Second I think a new property called cronspec should be added to all
services, which could specify a specific schedule for the service.

Here's my solution.
1. I set up the Prog service to have a meaningless and harmless command.
This *effectively* disables the service at startup.
2. I have a cron running on 1,3-60 that uses setParam to disable the Prog
service.  This *actually* disables the service very quickly after startup.
3. I have a cron running at 01:01 that uses setParam to set the command to
the intended command
4. I have a cron running at 01:02 that uses setParam to enable the Prog
5. #2 above will then disable the Prog service again at 01:03.

There is only a very, very brief potential gap if Argus was started up
right at 01:01, where the command might be enabled and set to the correct
command, and it might run before the intended time of 01:02, but this is an
insignificant risk.

Here's the whole config.

group "Test" {
    Service Prog {
    command: echo 123
    expect: 123
    debug: true
    frequency: 60
    cron "1,3-60 * * * *" {
        func: setparam
        param: srvc::disabled
        value: service is disabled except for nightly at 1:02
    cron "1 1 * * *" {
        func: setparam
        param: prog::command
        value: echo some real command
    cron "2 1 * * *" {
        func: setparam
        param: srvc::disabled
        #note: value must be left out of this setparam call, in order to
actually re-enable the service.

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| I've tried
| using runatstartup with an argusctl command, but it just hangs.  It
| that Argus is not ready to take commands at the moment when runatstartup
| processed.

if your runatstartup program wants to talk to argus, put an '&'
after the command so it runs in the background. otherwise,
argus will wait for it to finish.

             runatstartup: /usr/bin/myprogram &

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