How to setup argus as a interface error alarm ?

RayC cmp at
Wed Feb 6 14:39:02 EST 2008

Mr. James W. Laferriere wrote:
>     Hello All ,
>         I am attempting to setup argus to allow me to monitor 
> 'interface errors' .  But every time I get an error & identify the 
> cause & correct it . Without rebooting the device (ie: cisco 
> switch/router) .  I have to edit the config file to set an 'expect: 1' 
> or whatever the value is .  Is there a method to say 'if this counter 
> increases alarm' ?
>         Tia ,  JimL
This works for me on my C2801s. Try:

    Group "Errors-F0/0-LAN" {
        community:    private
        drawgrid:    yes
        graph:    yes
        Group "Errors-IN" {
            info:     Errors-F0/0-LAN IN
            title:     Errors-F0/0-LAN IN
            ylabel:    Errors INPUT
            Service UDP/SNMP {
                calc:    ave-rate-bits
                label:    Errors-IN
                maxvalue:    10
                messagedn:     Errors-F0/0-LAN INPUT EXCEEDED
                messageup:     Errors-F0/0-LAN INPUT Normal
                oid:    ifInErrors.1

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