Too agressive - Multiple instances running???

Scott Hiemstra shiemstra at
Fri Feb 15 15:36:23 EST 2008

> you don't remember whether anything interesting happened on Feb11?

On Feb 11, qmail-smtpd stopped responding for about 10 minutes, nothing else
strange happening on that day.  I think I got 4 or 5 pages regarding that
incident which seemed high at the time considering it was only 10 minutes.
That was the only outage and there were no edits to the config or restarts
on that day.  No patches were applied to the monitoring server, no one even
logged onto it.

> what are the parent-process-ids of the Feb11 processes?
> 5292? 13479? other?

I actually killed off all the processes last night so I can't tell anymore.

> try:
> shut down argus.
> verify with ps that the extra processes are gone. (kill until dead).
> make sure syslog is enabled in your config.
> restart argus.

Done, I don't know how I missed the syslog directive.  Very Nice.

> how long until these extra processes appear?
> is there anything in syslog around the time this happens?

I will let you know if it happens again and provide a full syslog.

As always, thank you sir for a great piece of software,

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