How to access Argus in the browser?

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Mon May 13 08:54:52 EDT 2013

I run CentOS so my setup is a bit different but I'll assist if I can.  If you haven't figured it out yet please sent the output of "grep ^INSTALL_ Makefile" from within the Argus src directory, this will provide all of your install paths.  Are you using Apache or some other webserver?  Are you planning to run Argus under a VirtualHost or as the main site on the machine?


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I'm trying to use argus, but without success.  :(

I have followed all the steps in the Docs > Installing section and everything was intalled ok. However, I didn't figured out how to access the Argus login interface...

So, I was wondering if anyone could help me on this situation. :)

Argus version: 3.7
OS: Ubuntu 10.04

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