problems with the depends: directive

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Mon Mar 29 13:02:37 EST 2004

| I'm running v3.2.1 and am having no joy with the depends:
| directive.
| I've read befor eon the list archive (thanks Josef) that
| the directive must be the first thing in a group and that
| in version 3.2.1 something cannot depend on a service.

no. and no.
cargo cult configuration?

| I have groups, hosts, and services set up to depend on
| other things. Some are set up to depend on particular
| server45s, switches, or routers, and some are set up to
| depend on services. None of them seem to work.

"None of them seem to work" is rather vague.

I'm inclined to believe that it is "working" but since
your config just isn't what you want.

| Group "Townname" {
| 	  depends: Top:Monitortown:mainrouter

this puts a depends on the 'Townname' group. nothing else.
it will have no effect on anything inside the group.

it isn't clear to me how that could be interesting here,
perhaps you wanted to place the depends on a Service.

| 	  Host "1towndialup" {
| 		  depends: Top:Townname:1town2610
| 		  hostname:
| 		  Service Ping
| 		  Group "Serv" {
| 			  depends: Top:Townname:1towndialup:Ping_10.0.0.10
| 			  Service TCP/Telnet
| 			  Service UDP/SNMP {
| 				  label: FastEthernet0 (int 2)
| 				  messagedn: %O FastEthernet0 (int 2) is DOWN
| 				  messageup: %O FastEthernet0 (int 2) is UP
| 				  oid: .
| 				  expect: 1
| 			  }
| 		  }
| 	  }

I'm not sure what you are trying to do, or what you are expecting
to happen, but my best guess as to what you are trying to do, are
you looking perhaps to just move the 'sendnotify'?

	Host "1towndialup" {
		sendnotify:	yes

		Service Ping {
			sendnotify:	no

		# ...


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