problems with the depends: directive

Jeremy Kister argus-01 at
Mon Mar 29 16:20:21 EST 2004

On Mon Mar 29 11:34:06 EST 2004, Chris Stith wrote:

> I've read befor eon the list archive (thanks Josef) that
> the directive must be the first thing in a group and that
> in version 3.2.1 something cannot depend on a service.

As jeff writes in his next message, both of these statements are wrong.

>        Host "1towndialup" {
>                depends: Top:Townname:1town2610
>                hostname:
>                Service Ping
>                Group "Serv" {
>                        depends: Top:Townname:1towndialup:Ping_10.0.0.10
>                        Service TCP/Telnet
>                        Service UDP/SNMP {
>                                label: FastEthernet0 (int 2)

I beleive you are making an assumtion that depends is an inherited key -- it
is not.

Instead of putting depends under your Group object, put it in the Service
Host "1towndialup" {
  Service Ping {
    depends: Top:Townname:1town2610
    Group "Serv" {
      Service TCP/Telnet {
        depends: Top:Townname:1towndialup:Ping_10.0.0.10
      Service UDP/SNMP {
        depends: Top:Townname:1towndialup:Ping_10.0.0.10
        label: FastEthernet0 (int 2)

Jeremy Kister

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