Thanks for the help with depends:

Chris Stith ces at
Tue Mar 30 14:57:11 EST 2004

Jeremy hit it pretty much on the head. I wasn't
_quite_ assuming that depends: is inherited, but
I was making the wrong assumption that members of
a group were checked as subbranches of that group.
Not quite the same thing, but the same effect in
this case.

I'll move my dependencies into the services. Too
bad that'll cause so much more text to be handled
in the config. I've already got over 130 kilobytes
worth of config file to keep straight. Time to
automate I guess.

Speaking of inheritance, is it possible to override
a notify: in a smaller scope? I have a notify: at
the tope of my config, then another notify: inside
a particular group. The one inside that group isn't
being used.

    notify: mail:ces at

    Group "testgroup" {
        Service Ping
        notify: mail:mischief at

When that service fails, the address(es) for the
out notify: get email, but not the inner one. So I
tried just moving the notify to the top, which I
didn't think would make a difference:

    notify: mail:ces at

    Group "testgroup" {
        notify: mail:mischief at
        Service Ping

...and now it says it's transmitting to all the
addresses from both places.

Chris S.
ces at
Family Online, 888-332-6843

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