notify vs. notifyalso

Chris Stith ces at
Wed Mar 31 15:13:07 EST 2004

Jeremy Kister wrote:

JK> Also, at least in the current version, i beleive your group notify
JK> your general notify --
JK> if your "testgroup" goes down, only mischief at will be

JK> if you want both addresses to be notified, you can use:
JK>   Group "testgroup" {
JK>    notifyalso: mail:mischief at
JK>    ...

That's not what I've been seeing. When placing notify: at the
top of the group, it is added to the preexisting notify list
instead of replacing it.

When I place it below the hostname, which Jeff says is incorrect,
it does nothing but it doesn't put an error in the log.

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