Resolv abnormalities

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Sat Feb 12 12:05:22 EST 2005

| Using the new Resolv feature of 20050207, I'm getting seemingly random
| DNS lookup failures.  These failures are few and far apart.  Argus sends
| an alert saying an object is down, and then in a few seconds sends an
| alert saying it's back up.
| for example:

| I was going to start mucking with the Resolv key:value pairs (from
| config-new.html), but dont have enough confidence that I know what they
| do (frequency and timeout are not listed Config Params).

yes, you know exactly what they do (you just don't realize it).

internally, Resolv is a Service, pretend that your config says:
	Service Resolv {
		frequency:	60
		timeout:	10
		# ...

so you can specify any parameter that makes sense for a service.
the frequency says how often the resolv service runs, and the
timeout, how long to wait for a response (but instead of going
down and sending email, it switches to the next server).

from your problem description, do you have a default
frequency specified that is more than a few minutes
or so (so that resolv isn't running often enough)?

	Resolv {
		frequency:	60

if you want to look under the hood at what is happening
	Resolv {
		debug:	yes

will log all sorts things, and 'argusctl about object=Resolv_0'
will dump all of the resolver parameters.


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