Resolv abnormalities

Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold friz at
Fri Feb 11 21:31:54 EST 2005

Jeremy Kister wrote:

>Using the new Resolv feature of 20050207, I'm getting seemingly random
>DNS lookup failures.  These failures are few and far apart.  Argus sends
>an alert saying an object is down, and then in a few seconds sends an
>alert saying it's back up.

I initially had the same exact problem.. Until I realized that the 
resolver uses only the nameserver listed and will no longer use the 
/etc/hosts file..  Once I realized this I was able to make appropriate 
changes to the configuration to make it work..

Is it possible you have something similar?

>for example:
>name TCP/FTP
>status down
>...because cannot resolve hostname
>hostname jeremy-03
>port 21
>Thu 10 Feb 16:04:34 2005  up  TRANSITION - up
>Thu 10 Feb 16:03:20 2005  down  TRANSITION - down
>using 'dig' on the recursive servers in /etc/resolv.conf during the
>alleged DNS failure produces the expected records.
>note that all recursive servers in /etc/resolv.conf are served by
>dnscache of djbdns, the most elegant dns package in the world.
>I was going to start mucking with the Resolv key:value pairs (from
>config-new.html), but dont have enough confidence that I know what they
>do (frequency and timeout are not listed Config Params).

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