A couple of questions

ulrik.mikaelsson at canaldigital.se ulrik.mikaelsson at canaldigital.se
Thu Jul 6 06:38:51 EDT 2006

Hi there,

We are in the process of setting up Argus for sharp usage to be used within a team of support-personell.

However, we have a bunch of questions.

A) Is it possible to configure Argus to not send alarms during the "sleeping hours" of the day? I understand it can be solved by a custom notify-method, but is there some more generic way to handle this, or an existing written method to filter this?

B) Is it possible to use external authentication sources? (LDAP, PAM, .htaccess)

C) I would like to ask my MySQL-servers if replication is up. The way I normally do this is by issuing the SQL query "SHOW SLAVE STATUS;". This feeds me a table back, where I have to check to columns for the value "Yes". Can I somehow select columns from a result in a SQL query?

/ Ulrik

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