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Jeremy Kister argus-01 at jeremykister.com
Thu Jul 6 14:40:00 EDT 2006

On 7/6/2006 6:38 AM, ulrik.mikaelsson at canaldigital.se wrote:
> A) Is it possible to configure Argus to not send alarms during the
 > "sleeping hours" of the day? I understand it can be solved by a
 > custom notify-method, but is there some more generic way to handle
 > this, or an existing written method to filter this?

Besides setting an override cron, I don't think so.

Easiest way may be to have a cron that redirects your destination 
mailbox to the bitbucket.  So if argus sends notifies to 
argus_alert at example.com, you could have a cron that just throws away 
that mail during certain hours.

> B) Is it possible to use external authentication sources? (LDAP,
 > PAM, .htaccess)

Several people have written plugins; argus is easily configurable to 
authenticate against any mechanism.  See the contrib/ directory in the 
argus tarball (argus_pam.tar, web_auth_*.pl)

> C) I would like to ask my MySQL-servers if replication is up. The
 > way I normally do this is by issuing the SQL query "SHOW SLAVE
 > STATUS;". This feeds me a table back, where I have to check to
 > columns for the value "Yes". Can I somehow select columns from a
 > result in a SQL query?

Notice the second service:

Group "mysql-2" {
	Service DB {
		dsn:	DBI:mysql:host=mysql-2;database=dns
		expect:	value
		pass:	pass
		sql:	SELECT field FROM table WHERE key = "val"
		user:	user
	Service DB {
		dsn:	DBI:mysql:host=mysql-2
		expect:	Yes Yes
		label:	slave_status
		pass:	pass
		rowfmt:	%{Slave_IO_Running} %{Slave_SQL_Running}
		sql:	show slave status
		uname:	Status
		user:	user


Jeremy Kister

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